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Academy of Behavioral Profiling

ABP-L, Email Discussion List

ABP-L is a confidential email discussion list, hosted by the ABP, exclusively for the ABP membership. The primary goal of this discussion list is to facilitate and promote information sharing, brainstorming, and communication between ABP members on all levels. This includes the discussion of current research, questions related to casework, and networking students with similar minded professionals.

ABP-L Posting Guidelines
When posting messages to ABP-L, the following guidelines must be observed:

The Moderator for ABP-L
Brent E. Turvey, MS <

ABP-L is moderated by Brent, as far as directing discussion, suggesting topics, and enforcing ABP-L posting guidelines. He is also available to answer inquiries of a general nature, and act as an information resource. However, the discussions are generally left to ebb and flow of their own accord, as long as they follow the guidelines.

If you have a question about whether or not the topic or content of a potential post is within the guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact him.

Yahoo has a convenient web interface that you may use to subscribe to the list. It also accepts email commands:

You will be sent an invitation to subscribe upon approval of your membership in
the Academy of Behavioral Profiling.

To unsubscribe, go to

You must be a subscriber to post messages. Sending mail to this address will distribute it to all the members of the mailing list:
abp-l@yahoo.com. Please only post *messages* to abp-l@yahoo.com. If you send a command to that address, it will not work, and it will be posted to everybody who is subscribed to ABP-L.

The ABP-L Archives are available on the Web, at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/abp-l. Archives are searchable by keyword and are only available to members.

The ABP-L discussion list is sponsored and moderated by the Academy of Behavioral Profiling (ABP), located at
http://www.profiling.org. Additional information about ABP-L is located at: http://www.profiling.org/abp-l.html.

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