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Academy of Behavioral Profiling

Benefits of Membership

Membership with the Academy of Behavioral Profiling isn't just about individual members benefiting from their participation in a professional organization. It's about a professional organization benefiting from the participation of its members.

Only members may register to take the ABP's Profiling General Knowledge Exam (PGKE). 

Membership Cards
Each year, ABP members will receive a membership ID card, signed by the President, with their name, member status, and a special notation for those that have passed the PGKE.

An Independent Peer Review Process
The ABP offers advancement through the membership only by virtue of successfully completed examination and peer review. The ABP is not affiliated with any university, agency, or institution. As such it is independent, allowing for greater objectivity within the peer review, examination, and discussion processes by eliminating some of the influence that such affiliations may exert.

An Enforced Code of Professional Ethics
The usefulness of any professional organization lies in the integrity and strength of its Ethical Guidelines for Professional Conduct, and whether or not they are enforced. This distinguishes a professional organization that seeks to advance a given field, from those organizations whose main goals concern only providing training, extra credentials, and/ or networking opportunities for its membership.

A Private Email Discussion List
Since September of 1999, the ABP has hosted ABP-L, a confidential email discussion list exclusively for the ABP membership. The primary goal of this discussion list is to facilitate and promote information sharing, brainstorming, and communication between ABP members on all levels. This includes the discussion of current research, questions related to casework, and networking students with similar minded professionals.

The ABP Annual Meeting, and other ABP Sponsored Training
Each year the ABP will hold an annual meeting. The First Annual Meeting of the Academy of Behavioral Profiling was held in 1999, in Monterey, CA. Meetings are an excellent chance to give or attend case presentations, give or attend research presentations, and meet other members face to face. Additionally, the ABP sponsors workshops on various subjects related to criminal profiling throughout the year. ABP members will be given a discounted rate when attending annual meetings and ABP sponsored workshops.

The Journal of Behavioral Profiling
The Journal of Behavioral Profiling, the official peer reviewed publication of the ABP, was published for the first time in January of 2000. It will be published two - three times annually. It includes letters from the editor, professional reviews of other published material and research, and original peer reviewed research in the area of behavioral profiling. A subscription to the Journal is included with membership fees.

The Opportunity to Contribute to the Development of the Field
This is perhaps the most important benefit of all. The field of criminal profiling has seen little in the way of growth or development in terms of practice standards. By participating in the ABP, members will have the opportunity to inform the process of that growth and development in a environment designed specifically for that purpose.

If any, some, or all of the above interest you, then you may wish to consider membership with the Academy of Behavioral Profiling.

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