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JBP: Vol. 3No. 1
June 2002



Reliability and Validity: Admissibility Standards Relative to Forensic Experts Illustrated by Criminal Profiling Evidence, Testimony, and Judical Rulings
by Craig M. Cooley & Brent E. Turvey, MS

Abstract: This work thoroughly explores the misunderstood concepts of reliability and validity as they are used in legal, scientific, and investigative parlance to assist with the admissibility of expert forensic testimony. Criminal profiling evidence and testimony are used as an example of how inconsistently these terms are applied, and how poorly they are understood by all professional communities concerned.


Serial Killers: Characteristics and Issues for Investigators
by Terry Goldsworthy, MS

Abstract: This work presents a discussion of serial murder and its varying motives, with several case examples, as a basis for discussing investigative issues. This is interwoven with the unique perspective of the serial murder phenomenon in Australia.


The Fallacy of Accuracy in Criminal Profiling
by Wayne Petherick, BSocSci (Psych), MCrim

Abstract: Criminal profiling is receiving more attention today as an investigative tool. Despite this, profiling is still met with suspicion and derision in many circles, including the investigative community whom it is mainly designed to assist. This may, in part, be owing to a number of unsubstantiated claims made by many practicing in the area about the accuracy or utility of their profiles. It is the purpose of this paper to examine the myth of profile accuracy and to provide a more substantive model on which to base a measurement of the utility of a criminal profile.

Criminal Behavior Literature Review Project

CBLRP: Review of 'Offender Profiling and Crime Analysis'
by Wayne Petherick, BSocSci (Psych), MCrim

Journal of Behavioral Profiling: Volume 3, Number 1, June 2002
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